Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potato – Tasty and Good Health Benefits


Orange-fleshed sweet potato is delicious. It gives benefits to health. Many people like it because the orange-fleshed sweet potato’s taste is not too sweet. Orange fleshed sweet potato nutrition is not less than other fruits and vegetables ever.

Orange-fleshed sweet potato normally is applied for making various savory and sweet menus. Found to be more nutritious than potatoes. It is a source of nutrients in the carotenoids.

Beta carotene helps neutralize free radicals, strengthen the body’s immune system, and reduce the risk of cancer. Due to Orange-fleshed sweet potato is high in beta carotene not less than beta carotene in carrot and seaweed. It reduces the rate of cell mutation and destroys cancer cells. It also protects against night blindness.

These are delicious savory and sweet dishes that made from orange-fleshed sweet potato and give you nutrition facts such as Massaman curry, curry with sweet potato, baked sweet potato, sweet potato in ginger syrup, Thai fried sweet potato balls, Bua Loy (Thai desserts) and etc.